Japanese toilet

washletI think all foreigners have been surprised at least once Japanese toilet system in Japan. And most Japanese may wish Japanese toilet were in overseas when they travel.  What is special about the toilet in Japan? That is bidet which is toilet system with washing feature.  Then, how has been the bidet system developed and what is special about bidet?

First, it actually was invented by an American company, “American Bidet” for medical purposes.  Then, Japanese TOTO was first took over the patent by America and started to import and sell them in 1967.  However, it was not adopted because of difficulty to maintain its temperature and direction of water.  After spending lots of time developing the system, TOTO finally spread “Washlet” to Japanese houses in 1980.  While “Washiki” (Japanese style) toilet is gradually disappearing, “washlet” instantly has became popular to foreigners as well as Japanese.

Second, the special features that TOTO developed are not only bidet system.  One is the system which the toilet lid automatically opens as soon as you go into the toilet.  Second is the many buttons like seat heating, nozzle position control and water pressure adjustment, so you can adjust many systems as you want.  After learning them, I see TOTO’s effort for people’s satisfaction.

I wonder why it is not be positively imported to overseas.  I think one of the reasons is because the quality of water.  I really want to encourage people to once experience it and they will be attracted by it.  I think this feature is the represent of Japanese particular cultures, such as cleanly people, enable to use pure water and the nationality which Japanese can easily talk about “toilet” in public.

This is a video which American couple enjoy Japanese toilet first time(from 6:40~), it’s very funny  so check this out!



Have you been to Nabezo? It’s a shabu-shabu/sukiyaki all you can eat restaurant. Recently 2 stores in Shibuya were beautifully redecorated and also some contents were changed. Before that, all you can eat for 90 minutes costs 1980 yen and it included only meat and vegetables. On the other hand, now it costs 2480 yen. Though it makes you feel expensive, it includes meat, vegetables, side menu such as udon or fish ball etc, spices and even dessert! Also you can choose 2 kinds of soups from Shabu-shabu, Sukiyaki, Shio-tonkotsu, Umakara-kimchi and Tounyu-collagen and meat is 3 kinds, beef, pork and chicken. Only drinks cost separately. What do you think about this renewal? More details are here. Do come and see it!

99 year old swimmer

02There is a Japanese woman who made a world record in backstroke, and surprisingly she is 99 years old continuing swimming.  Her name is Mieko Nagaoka.  She was born in 1914 in Yamaguchi, and is still living alone doing housework and farm work herself.  She started swimming when she was 80 year old for her rehabilitation exercise.  25 meter was her limit at first, but after her effort practicing 3 hours in a day 4 times a week, she broke her record again and again.  she started coaching when she was 91 years old.  Things that make her feel happy is eating born less rib which recover her energy.

I was very impressed by her words.  “The feeling of happiness enables people to live long.  Find fields you can achieve your dream.”  This story told me that we don’t have any limitation, nothing is impossible.  I’m proud of her as a Japanese woman.

Acai Berry


Acai berry is popular in Japan these days. Acai is like a blueberry. The reason acai is getting popular is its highly nutritious. 100g of an acai includes about 4.5g of polyphenol and it is approximately 18 times of a blueberry. Isn’t this fact amazing?! In addition it includes iron which is three times of liver. Plenty of dietary fiber and calcium are included as well.

This attractive fruit is often eaten as “Acai Bowl”. Actually a birthplace of Acai Bowl is Brazil, however, it got popular in Hawaii so that we can see Acai Bowl in Hawaiian restaurant in Japan. We eat it with some fruits like banana, strawberry and so forth.

I’d like to introduce a cafe in Futako-tamagawa. There is an Acai cafe in Tamagawa Takashimaya. It is a store specializing in Acai. For instance there are Acai Bowl, acai smoothie and acai waffle. I personally like Acai Bowl very much though I’ve never been there. So I wanted to share this with you!! Let’s try it!





Green tea


Do you know “nana’s green tea?”

This is a kind of cafe. You can enjoy green tea, some sweets, and some food there. Green tea is one of Japanese traditional things. In 16th century, it was spread by Rikyu with the words of “wabisabi.” Recent years, it has become popular in Japan again. We know it is good for our health. And taste is also nice.

Few days ago I went there with my friend. She took me there. It was in the shopping mall in Tokyo dome city. But you will find it at other places. Please search it.

Euglena saves you


Can euglena save you? What does it mean? I guess you are wondering.  Euglena is a small tiny microbe that we cannot see with naked eyes. I’m sure everyone observed it in junior high school.  Green and so tiny…what can such a tiny thing do for us?  It actually works for our beauty. Though I told you it is a microbe, it is one kind of algae like Wakame, and has both kinds of natures, animal and plan.  Unbelievably there are 59 nutrients that we need to keep our beauty, such as vitamin, mineral, DHA and amino acid in euglena.

But, where can we get it? Recently convenience store has started selling euglena yogurt with aloe. This is the first time that the stores in whole parts of Japan try to sell it. Euglena is about 0.05mm on the other hand hair is 0.07mm, which means even hair is thicker. So it cannot be found in yogurt. It is said that the taste is sweet and sour. Why don’t you buy it and help your beauty more!?

Trader Joe’s

TraderJoes440Trader Joe’s is the American grocery store which sells not only food or juice, but also shampoos or medical supplies. They are particular about quality of the food. For example, they have gourmet food, vegetarian food, and especially organic food. In addition, these are really cheap! I recommend you buy an original eco-friendly bag, organic cookies, seasonings, and especially salty chocolate brownies, as a souvenir. Ice cheese cake is also very good, but you cannot bring to Japan…

Snacks for beauty

Hi, everyone. Today I would like to share just one thing, snacks! I know especially girls love candy and it’s so addictive. Have you ever experienced though you are on diet, you can’t stop eating chips? This time I’ll tell you some healthy snacks.

The first thing you have to get in a supermarket is nuts (for example, almond, walnut etc…). It contains good oil and  makes your skin smooth. I recommend you to have 3 to 5 almonds before you have something sweets like cakes. It avoid getting too much fat. But, do not have too much. You might get pimples.

The second thing is fruits! According to the research, Japanese are less likely to have fruit in daily life compered to Western people. It has variety of good vitamins for your body. Try to have more fruit instead of sugary and fatty snacks. You can eat it the way it is or you can also make your original juice.
Girls, stop having fatty chips. If you try to have these food and add some work out in your life, you are no longer couch potato! This video shows you how to make homemade juice. It looks nice.

Shabu-Shabu On-yasai

Have you been to Shabu-Shabu On-yasai?  It is a restaurant of Shabu-shabu which has all-you-can-eat course. First, you can choose two kinds of soup flavor. And then you can order the meats and many other side dishes as you like for 90 minutes. There are almost 90 kinds of food in the course. The cost is about 3000 yen for each person. “On-yasai” is a well known restaurant as high service, so you can have a good time there.

New Star Tours

無題You should try the ride new Star Tours in Tokyo Disney Land. It’s located on Tomorrow Land same as before. This time the contents were all changed, improved and restarted as “STARTOURS THE ADVENTURES CONTINUE” from May 7th. It changed to 3D so you should wear a special glasses while you’re riding. Also it has more than 50 patterns! Therefore everytime you ride, you’ll experience other stories and unexpected thrill. It’s based on the movie more than before so Star Wars’ fan must feel a lot of fun. Why don’t you try it this summer!