Antibacterial Gels

These days, Antibacterial Gels are popular in Japan especially, girls.

It has some benefit to use antibacterial gel. It is so easy to stop bacteria than hand washing and soap because we use gel when ever, where ever. And it includes alcohol. So alcohol rub sanitizers kill most bacteria, and fungi, and stop some viruses. Alcohol rub sanitizers containing at least 70% alcohol (mainly ethyl alcohol) kill 99.9% of the bacteria on hands 30 seconds after application and 99.99% to 99.999%in one minute. They always have it as hanging their stuff. And they use it before eating lunch. Nowadays there are so many cutie antibacterial gels in the town. Why do not you use it?



Animal assisted therapy

Animal assisted therapy is a type of therapy that involves animals as a form of treatment. Playing with animals, we can relieve the stress or gain confident.

Originally, this therapy is known as a cure that school refusal and social withdrawal. And now this way is spreading for facility for the elderly. Animals especially, dogs or cats go to the senior citizens home and touch with people who are long in-patients or have incurable disease. Animals remove caution unconsciously between peoples who never know. It is make sense!

I am really interested in this therapy because I have pets. My pets always make me happy. They cannot speak, but they give me power. I believe animal assisted therapy is a good way for everyone. And I hope everyone take care their pets more.

Cooking for mom on Mother’s Day

10291701_466105390195295_4889395363527674064_nMay 11th was Mother’s Day. My mom and I cooked together for a dinner. We made  potato soup, grilled chiken, grilled tuna and bread with avocado and cream cheese. I haven’t cooked with my mom a while, so that was very fun time for me. I don’t usually express my thankfulness to my mom because it’s a bit shame. Yet, I appriciate my mom especially when she let me study abroad. To show my gratitude, I must study and help my mom more to make her happy.



Take a nap

take a napRecently, some companies admit that workers to sleep on their’s job. The aim of this trend is improvement of efficiency. When workers sleepiness they can sleep. Some schools already have been adopting this trend. Also there is a cafe where we can sleep in bed. Almost people don’t sleep enough time in Japan, especially labor so I think this movement is good idea.

Japanese SAKE

無題It is getting cold in Japan and time to enjoy Japanese Sake.  Absolutely Sake is very tasty, but tasty is not only fact and it is also good for beauty and health.   Sake actually has been helped Japanese women’s chapped hands or rough skin from long time ago.  Now I introduce the effect of Sake and how to use it efficiently from two aspects of beauty and health.


  1.  SAKE contains lots of acetaldehyde which expand blood vessel and adenosine which defend contraction more than other alcohol.  These elements improve the circulation of the blood and make your body comfortably warm.  And it helps to make your skin lustrous.
  2.  Because Kojic acid(麹酸) has an effect on control creating melanin pigment, it helps skin whitening.


  1. Because blood circulation becomes better, it prevents sensitivity to cold, swelling, or stiffness in body.
  2.  Sake kasu(酒粕) which is the left over from sake production helps to lower the level of sugar in the blood, so it prevents diabetes.  Also because of much dietary fiber, it is good to use for cooking.

Rumor says, Japanese actress, Norika Fujiwara soaks in a bathtub with pouring SAKE into the tub.  I found this is one of the secret of her beauty.  You will be able to realize the power of SAKE not only by drinking. (Reference)


2012122209163422-1On December 22, 2013 is Touji(冬至), the winter solstice in English. The winter solstice is the word which expresses the shortest day and the longest night in a year. Japan and China has the custom which we take a bathtub with a citron called “Yuzu-yu”. Originally people purified themselves in a bath to invite fortune. If you take a Yuzu-yu, it is said you will never catch a cold for a year. A citron makes blood circulation better and prevents sensitivity to cold. In addition, it makes your skin beautiful and makes you relaxed with the flavor. Taking Yuzu-yu is easy and you only put many cut citrons into the bathtub so let’s try it!

Toyo Shibata

129215778561716231560Do you know the oldest poet, Toyo Shibata?  She unfortunately passed away last year at the age of 101.  I really love her and her poem, so it was very sad tragedy.  I wouold like to share about her will to live and her cheerfulness till she died.  When she was 92, she gave up performing Japanese traditional dance because of her backache, then after, she started to white poem.  After her work was on the newspaper, she got many fans gradually.  Even though she was over 90 years old, she had been kept her youth and ambition by continuing her hobby and her dream to be read her poet by people all over the world.  She attracted many people include me.  Please watch this video and you will be encouraged by her.

In the end, introduce my favorite poem.



柴田 トヨ

私ね 人から


あなたも 今から

くじけないで』 飛鳥新社) より

Herbal tea makes you healthy

blog2-3 herbalRecently, the weather is terrible, isn’t it? It’s so cold and dry outside. I’m going to write about herbal tea because herbal tea makes you healthy. Herbal tea is made from the infusion or decoction of herbs, spices, or other plant material in hot water. There are a lot of herbal tea flavors so you should choose a right one by your condition. Now I’m going to introduce two herbal tea flavors. 1. Rosehip tea – Rosehip tea has a lot of vitamin C because the fruit of rose plant is the best plant sources of vitamin C. Vitamin C are good for your skin trouble. If you feel dry on your skin, you should try Rosehip tea. 2. Ginger tea – Ginger is good for stomach problems and makes you feel warm. Ginger tea is the best drink during winter. If you like sweet taste, you can put honey on your ginger tea. Ginger and honey is the best combination. If you want to know more herbal tea flavors, you should check out this site. This site introduces more herbal tea flavors. Check it out!

Russian Men


A surprising news that I would like to share with you all!

Did you know many of the Russian men die quite early? It was new to me.

Quarter of Russian men die before 55. Especially from the Japanese point of view, that is totally too young to die since Japan isknown as the country which has the longest life span avarage record, right? 79 is the average life span of the Japanese men. Even though Japanese men live shorter than women, the average is still longer than Russian.

More amazing thing is the reason of their short life. Can you imagine? According to the investigation done by Oxford University and other, it is mostly because of the reasons related to alcohol. For instance, alcoholism, accident, violence or suiside comes from alcohol so on and so forth. Even drinking too much vodka is one of the serious reasons. It is so serious that more than half of them couldn’t complete the investigation because they died during the investigation.

I’m not a heavy drinker at all though I want to be carefull about the amount of the alcohol and live longer as much as I can stay healthy.

The people obsessed with plastic dolls.

First, what do you think about them? They are actually not dolls. These real life dolls currently became famous in the world. The 20-year-old girl from Ukraine, Valeria Lukyanova obviously turned herself into a living Barbie doll. She got only “one” job (breast implants) done to get a perfect Barbie body (Although majority of people say of course she got more than one surgery… ). Real life Ken, Justin Jedlica  also got many surgeries. He spent around 100,000 dollars on 90 surgeries.
According to the interview, Lukyanova  is happy to have this appearance even she had an operation . She said “A doll is an image of an ideal women.” They made a lot of controversial idea about getting cosmetic surgery. Some say they are beautiful, others say they are just creepy. Here’s a video of her interview.