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poster2Maleficent” is a commemoration work of the 90th anniversary of the founding of Walt Disney.”Maleficent” is a heroine of this movie and she is the evil fairy who put a curse on Princess Aurora in “Sleeping Beauty”. This is a dark fantasy and story of the ultimate love that gave birth to the curse of the “eternal sleep”. Angelina Jolie who is world famous actress plays the heroine.

If you watch this movie, you can know that her enigmatic past and the reason why did she put the curse of eternal sleep on Princess Aurora.

邪悪な妖精マレフィセントはなぜ“永遠の眠り”の呪いをかけたのか、すべての理由が今解き明かされる。 - 究極の愛の物語

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Electric Run

ElectricRunOn July 11 and 12, “ELECTRIC RUN” was held at Inage Seaside Park in Chiba. This is an event to aim at the goal that participants who wearing the illuminations walk, run and dance while enjoying freely. Distance is about 5 km. After the goal, Finisher’s party is held and there are performances of light and sound by DJ. It is the running events of the night that everyone can enjoy without regard to age or sex.

世界中で大ブーム! 光を身につけて楽しむ夜のランニングイベント“ELECTRIC RUN”が日本に初上陸!!!


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Sand Art

imagesCAT3KFUTSand Art is one of the art by sand. Performer draw a picture using the sand to the music. And then, the back light flash the sand on the glass, and performer will continue to expand the story. In Japan, sand art performance came to be known in 1996. Unlike other common artworks, in the case of sand art, the figure of the work will be lost in an instant like flow. However, it is still remaining in the hearts of people deeply even if it lost.

This is very fantastic and moving art.





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nato7One day, I found an article about a strange arranged Japanese food.  The writer says, he saw people eating Natto&Green tea ice cream on TV.  Currently Japanese natto is famous in foreign countries for health, but as you know, most foreigners hate natto’s smell.  However, according to the writer, American girls on TV were enjoying eating the natto and green tea ice cream.  I can’t believe it even it may be like Turkish ice cream which is sticky but delicious.  Additionally, America has an ice cream shop which sells natto ice cream, he says.  I unfortunately could not find any English article besides this, so this has no credibility if this recipe is really famous in foreign…  But I am sure that this recipe courage people to eat natto because it must conceal the weird smell of natto.  I don’t have brave to eat this though…

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Andy Warhol

1b3a0ff0406da53665d1bb0bda68ea5cThe exhibition of “Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes
” will be held from February 1 through May 6 at Mori Art Museum. Andy
Warhol was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and he went on to become a successful graphic
designer in New York. “Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal,” provides a
comprehensive retrospective of nearly 700 Warhol’s work and archives from the
start of his career as an artist to his final years. This picture, “Marilyn
Monroe” is one of the most famous his work. The admission is 1,000 yen with
student ID. Do you have any plans for spring vacation? It is a good opportunity
to see Andy Warhol’s works in Japan! Why don’t you go this exhibition?

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The people obsessed with plastic dolls.

First, what do you think about them? They are actually not dolls. These real life dolls currently became famous in the world. The 20-year-old girl from Ukraine, Valeria Lukyanova obviously turned herself into a living Barbie doll. She got only “one” job (breast implants) done to get a perfect Barbie body (Although majority of people say of course she got more than one surgery… ). Real life Ken, Justin Jedlica  also got many surgeries. He spent around 100,000 dollars on 90 surgeries.
According to the interview, Lukyanova  is happy to have this appearance even she had an operation . She said “A doll is an image of an ideal women.” They made a lot of controversial idea about getting cosmetic surgery. Some say they are beautiful, others say they are just creepy. Here’s a video of her interview.
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668b40b007c63698b6f1e98a2fb8202eDo you know “Wasabi-chan“? It is a Japanese very small kitten. Why did Wasabi-chan become famous? The beginning was Twitter! One day, a woman found a wounded small kitten. It was inflicted by crows. She took it to animal hospital. And, she posted about the kitten on her twitter. Many people reacted her tweet. She started to post about the kitten every day instead of dairy. She names the kitten “Wasabi”. Wasabi-chan was getting well little by little. It has very big eyes and small body(about 500g). Many people’s hearts are healed. And also Wasabi-chan teach us “Live strong”. It is actually small, and weak. However, Wasabi-chan tries to live strong. It is growing. I was moved. I recommend you check the Twitter!

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Sugar Rush

img_468157_8253468_0Did you see “Sugar Rush” ?  This is a 3D computer-animated film which was made by Walt Disney Pictures in 2012.  This film’s main character is Ralph.  He is a villain in the arcade game.  But he wants to be a hero and get the hero’s medal.  Then he invaded the difference game’s world and got the medal.  But he straid into the sugar rush which is the world of sugar race game and he met the girl, Vanellope.  She was also hated by everyone.  This is a fantasy adventure movie of Ralph and Vanellope.  So, check it out !

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Funny Picture #3

The Alien Dog! This

The Alien Dog
The Alien Dog

is so weird.

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Funny Picture #2

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A seal said " I am playing the Darumasangakoronda."
A seal said ” I am playing the Darumasangakoronda.”