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Pikachu cafe

imagePublic presentation of the Pokemon movie latest work is commemorated, so Pokemon exhibition will be held at Roppongi Hills observatory on July 19 to August 31. You can watch the first to latest movie. During the exhibition, there is Pikachu cafe. In the cafe, if the hood menu and sweets which can be eaten only here can be enjoyed and also an original drink is ordered, coasters of special make will be given.

The original food and sweet are very cute! Let’s try it!


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New Amelican brand

New American brand will advance into Japan. The name is “COS”, and it is sister’s brand of H & M. COS was born in London at first. COS means ” collection of Style”. There are clothes for women, men, and children. The first store will be opened in Aoyama. Now, there are ninety five stores all over the world. These price is little higher than H & M. Their feature is classic and modern. Quality and design are so good. It will became popular in Japan like H & M.cos

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Soccer World Cup

German defeated Argentina in finals of Soccer World Cup. Both of countries didn’t get any points until overtime. In overtime, German got 1 point and won the championship. It had been six times since German won, and this time was the championship of forth times. When eighサッカーワールドカップt minutes passed, Getze who appeared on the way made a goal in overtime. Coach said ”I am proud of all of players.

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Electric Run

ElectricRunOn July 11 and 12, “ELECTRIC RUN” was held at Inage Seaside Park in Chiba. This is an event to aim at the goal that participants who wearing the illuminations walk, run and dance while enjoying freely. Distance is about 5 km. After the goal, Finisher’s party is held and there are performances of light and sound by DJ. It is the running events of the night that everyone can enjoy without regard to age or sex.

世界中で大ブーム! 光を身につけて楽しむ夜のランニングイベント“ELECTRIC RUN”が日本に初上陸!!!


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Sand Art

imagesCAT3KFUTSand Art is one of the art by sand. Performer draw a picture using the sand to the music. And then, the back light flash the sand on the glass, and performer will continue to expand the story. In Japan, sand art performance came to be known in 1996. Unlike other common artworks, in the case of sand art, the figure of the work will be lost in an instant like flow. However, it is still remaining in the hearts of people deeply even if it lost.

This is very fantastic and moving art.





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New Disney character “Gelatoni”

On June 30, the new friend of Duffy was announced. The friend’s name is “Gelatoni”. Gelatoni is eyes of an emerald color, and a long tail. The name is related to gelato that is Italian ice cream. One day, when Duffy was taking a walk, he dropped his gelato which he loved. Then Gelatoni appeared in front of him, and he drew the gelato’s picture. It was the start of a long friendship for them.A new character is for the first time in four years. The Duffy fan is looking forward to the appearance of Gelatoni. Gelatoni is also going to became popular like Duffy.

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Japanese bar

Japanese barJapanese people go to the bar when new employees enter a company as a salesman, they change their post, a New Year’s party, a year-end party, and so on. There are many foods and drinks in the Japanese bar. They enjoy spending with their employees. They talk a lot and drink and make merry. This is Japanese culture.


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New Enoshima Aquarium

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI went to the New Enoshima Aquarium at the first day of school trip. It was the first time to visit there. I did not have a lot of time to spend in the aquarium, but I enjoyed the show of dolphins and seals. Seals performed their dance. Also, they could clap their fins too. In addition, Dolphins obeyed people and performed perfectly. They can sing and jump beautifully.  I supposed that dolphins seem to be dogs which are raised by humans. In short, I realized that they are more genius than I expected.

As everyone knows, dolphins are mammals like humans. They do not have any languages, but they can talk through Ultrasonic waves. Even though they cannot use “humans’ language, they already can understand human’s body language or some words. So, I think they could understand our language and speak like human someday.

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Tomioka Silk Mill

富岡製糸場・繰糸場Japanese oldest modern national silk factory, Tomioka Silk Mill was chosen for World Heritage Site on June 21st in 2014. The mill is located in Gunma prefecture and produced high quality of silk by using French skill. It was the biggest silk mill in the world in those days and silk was main import in Japan.

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Pocket tissue

Do you know that “pocket tissue” was made in Japan? Tissues was made is America but pocket tissue was made in Japan. Japanese people use the pocket tissue to advertise. You can see a lot of people who distribute the pocket tissue in the road. You can get the pocket tissue easily. This sight is peculiar to Japan.

pocket tissue