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Tool 7: Feedly フィードリーダー

Tool of the Week: Feedly





Feedly is online software to organize your reading of blogs. Blogs are one of the best ways to keep up on recent information on the internet. The best ones are well organized and informative. Feedly helps you organize your blogs and make one easy place to read them all.

Starting out, you find a few blogs you like, and add them to your list (or feed). Each day, Feedly collects new articles from those blogs. I read about 35 blogs, and each day I might have 20-30 articles. Feedly makes it easy for me to choose the best ones to read. Feedly is just one rssリーダー, there are many more to choose from, but Feedly is the best. 説明書.

After a while, you choose the blogs that are more interesting, and Feedly sends you the best stuff on the internet. Here, you can see part of my feed, which has articles about general news and opinions, then my specialty, Educational Technology, or edtech.

Yours will look different.



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English Lunches: You are in charge, you are responsible

The English Room is on the 2nd floor of Building 3 (B3) near the 教授室.It is a place to relax in English. You can study with friends, or play board games, or use iPads, or read bilingual books and magazines. Here is the English Room brochure 2017!

The English Lunches have been so popular (Day 1 with 8 students, Day 2 with 13, Day 3 with 21 and Day 4 with 37!) that we have to move to Room 3S01 .

The English Lunches are NOT classes. There is a teacher, but really, the students are in charge. They can choose to make the most of English Lunches by simply Speaking In English. Even if it is not perfect, practicing English helps learning English.

Students are adults. They can choose to learn or not. It is up to them. Please consider everyone, and speak as much English as you can.