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OLN News 6: Spaced Repetition

Welcome to this week’s OLNews, a (月) look forward at the week’s posts about learning English for SWU ELC students (and any others!)

Upcoming: Week of May 22-28
Tuesday (火) Xreading:  Coming Soon: Books on Paper
Wednesday (水) Newsela: Keeping up with the news
Thursday (木) English Room: English Lunches moving to Room 3S01
Friday (金) ToolQuizlet for learning new vocabulary

Last Week (May 15-21)
Tuesday (火) Xreading:  Note your speed
Wednesday (水) Newsela: Dig Deeper with Text Sets
Thursday (木) English Room: English Lunches a Success
Friday (金) Tool: Elsa Speaks, intelligent software for pronunciation


Remembering something is hard, especially if it is new. Scientists have been trying to find out how people remember best. They find that people can only remember a few things at a time, about 7 in a list.

They also found that you need to see or hear or feel something about 7 times to really remember it. That’s right, you need to see a new word 7 times before you can remember it. Now, if there is a long time between seeing the new words, that doesn’t count.

You have to see it quickly, 3 or 4 times in the same day. Then you need to see it again, but NOT right away. Wait a day or two, then see it again. Then wait 3 days, try it again, then a week. By the time you can remember the new word after a month, you have learned it.

This is called Spaced Repetition. If you ever used those flip cards in Junior High, you have a good idea. But a website that does it even better, because it gives you new words and recycles old words at just the right time, is Quizlet, our tool of the week.  Your secret weapon in the vocabulary wars. 

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