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The English Room is on the 2nd floor of Building 3 (B3) near the 教授室. It is not open yet, but will be open after Golden Week. It is a place to relax in English. You can study with friends, or play board games, or use iPads, or read bilingual books and magazines.

Sometimes there are events, like the English Lunch on Tuesday and Thursday (at lunch time)! You can discuss in English about topics, with students from many different classes.

So drop by after Golden Week. Next week we have more information and a brochure. See you then!

OLN Newsela News


OLN Newsela News: Tuesdays

This week: What is News?

This might seem to be an easy question, but it is not. The dictionary says it is any new information, especially if it is reported through media. But these days, you have to be very careful. Before it was expensive to make news, you had to print a newspaper, or own a TV station. Now information is easy for anyone to make, so we get a lot of bad information. Some people call this “fake news”. You should make sure that any new information comes from more than one place, with a good reputation. There are good places to check facts, my favorite is snopes.com. You can find out of Obama was arrested for drugs in Japan, for example.

Third-year students will get a book soon for summer reading. It is called Media Meltdown, about how companies control information. But before that, you can use Newsela to explore with your Culture Today and Society Today teachers.

OLN Xreading News

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OLN Xreading News: Tuesdays
This week: What is Extensive Reading?

Extensive Reading is reading a lot, but reading books that are easy. Easy means you can understand most of the words. You read for the story, you read sentences, not words, and you read for fun. Watch a Showa student talk about extensive reading. (3 minutes)

OLN News Welcome!

Welcome to this week’s OLNews, a (月) look forward at the week’s posts about learning English for SWU ELC students (and any others!)

Upcoming this week (April 10-16):
Tuesday (火) Xreading:  What is Extensive Reading?
Wednesday (水) Newsela: What is News?
Thursday (木) English Room: What is the English Room?
Friday (金) Tool: Weekly tools to learn English.

This is the first edition (Volume 1, Number 1) of the OLN. It is written by Mr. Ryan and his Zemi students as a project for online teaching and learning. We hope to give you short bits of information during the week to make your English study easier and more interesting.

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