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OLN News Week 2: Small Changes

Welcome to this week’s OLNews, a (月) look forward at the week’s posts about learning English for SWU ELC students (and any others!)

Upcoming: Week of April 17-23
Tuesday (火) Xreading:  What is XReading?
Wednesday (水) Newsela: What is Newsela?
Thursday (木) English Room: The English Room Schedule
Friday (金) Tool: Google Translate.

News: We have just finished our first full week of school. For some of you, that means BIG changes. Changes in how you live, how you work, and how you study. We hope this will lead to changes in how you think and feel, too.

It is important to be careful of big changes. Most people, if they try too many things, fail at all of them. Pick one important thing, and try to make a new habit. Follow the advice of one of the smartest people I know, Matt Cutts, from Google.

Try something new for 30 days. Watch this video for 3 minutes. Use the language help if you don’t understand. I have tried it myself, and it works.

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