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OLN Newsela News Week 2


OLN Newsela News: Wednesdays

This week: What is Newsela?

You need to learn an important word here: Curation. “Cure” comes from the word “Care”, and it means taking care of something. A Curator is an expert who works at a museum and picks the best pieces for an exhibition to show at the museum.

At Newsela, there is a team of writers who pick the best news stories and make them into an exhibition. So you don’t have to find the good stories.

But better, they write 4 versions of the story. They take the regular version, for native speakers, and make an easier version for high school students, and another for junior high students, and another for grade school students.








You can see the box at the right, where the funny numbers are. When you use Newsela, you can CHOOSE which level you want to read at. If there are too many words to look up in the dictionary, try reading an easier version. Once you understand the basic idea, go back and read the more difficult version. Take notes on vocabulary and sentences, and prepare for a discussion in class, or in the English Room!