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shake shackHave you ever been to New York City? I love this city. Thre are many good foods, shops, buildings and people. I would like to talk about my favorite humburger.  My favorite humburger is SHAKE SHACK. shake shack
When my parents came to NEW YORK, I ate that. It was first time. The bun is soft, and meat is so juicy and vegetabe is fresh. I really like that one. After back to Boston,  I inspected where are there other places. They have same shop in Boston. Also, it is the next stop at nearlest station at Showa Boston. I went to there every months by work with my friends. Shake Shack is there is not in the west coast. If you have a chance to go to New York, Boston, Pensylvania, Florida, Whashington D.C, New Jersey and Coneticut, you should eat!! Don’t miss it!!!
アメリカの東海岸に行ったら一度はSHAKE SHACK を食べることをお勧めします。私の中での一番のハンバーガーです。