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Ichigo daihuku

What is “Ichigo daihuku”?

Ichigo daifuku is a kind of Japanese confection consisting of a strawberry inside ‘daifuku’, which is a rice cake stuffed with sweet bean paste. It was made at Mie prefecture in Showa late era. It is relatively new Japanese sweet.

Ichigo daihuku is popular for particularly women.There are some reasons.

Ichigo daihuku uses strawberry fruit which is fresh food. Fresh food that will decay rapidly if not refrigerated. So it sells limited product in general from winter to spring. For Japanese women, limited foods are so attractive. And Ichigo daihuku looks so cute!


Recently, there are some variation food used daihuku. Other fruit daifuku include chestnut daifuku, orange daifuku, peach daifuku, melon daifuku, and blueberry daifuku. Of course they are made after selling Ichigo daihuku.

Why don’t you try to eat normal Ichigo daihuku and new type of daihuku!