Tea ceremony

Tea ceremony is called Sado in Japan. Sado is an act to treat green tea to caller. Sennorikyu established Sado in the Aduchimomoyama. Era. It took ten years to establish it. Tea ceremony has many kinds. One is “Omotesenke”. It is the originator of tea ceremony. the other is “Urasenke”. Another is “Mushanokoji”. Urasenke is more gorgeous than others.

They have a green tea in tea ceremony. It called “maccha” in Japan. Maccha is a kind of green tea ceremony, they sit erect with their legs folded under theirs. After they eat Japanese cake, they drink “Maccha”. Because they feel refreshed drinking bitter “Maccha” after they eat sweet Japanese cake. 茶道は千利休が作った日本の伝統文化である。


Pinkberry will come to Japan!


imagePink berry is frozen yogurts and Greek yogurts shop. There are many kind of taste and toppings.For example, you choose taste of original and toppings of Mochi, strawberry and blueberry, or taste of Chocolate Hazelnut and toppings of sumptuous Nutella and dark chocolate crisp. You can make yogurt only for oneself!
Now Frozen yogurts is very popular in America. Actually, Pinkberry triggered a boom in Frozen yogruts!
You try eating frozen or Greek yogurts and you make them be also popular in Japan.

This is Pinkberry’s official webpage. You should check it and know what Pinkberry is.



imageNow, it’s popular to remake “HAPPY” by Pharrell Williams. It’s hard for all of people to think what really happy is. The definition of happiness is totally different depending on people. It could be money, friends, family, hobby, work….. After came back to Japan, I realized how I was being happy to study in other country. The time in U.S is or will be my most important and educational time in my life. To continue such a nice time in Japan is kind of difficult. One of the reasons is I have to do more stuff than I was in U.S, so I can’t spend enough time for my learning.
Why are people learning? I guess study leads us to grow up even though it’s sometimes slow and failed. I don’t believe every effort make successes but at least people only who make efforts can get successes and I think the successes is connected to a happiness.


I went to The STUDIO GHIBLI MUSEUM on this weekend with my friends.
The museum is located in Mitaka, and it is one of my favorite museums in Japan.
Actually, I have been there more than 3 times but still my favorite place!
In the museum, you can see a lot of beautiful GHIBLI things.
The building which is covered with ivy is amazing.
And there is a small movie theater, so you can watch Ghibli’s short movie. It is about 15 minutes long.
Also there is an iron robot solder from Ghibli’s film “Castle in the Sky” on the top of the building.
Of course you can get buy some Souvenirs at the Ghibli Museum Gift Shop.
If you like Ghibli’s film and you have never been to the museum, I strongly recommend you go there. photo2


imagesMM8WY5W2Fashion is one of the biggest issues for Japanese girls. I think Japanese people always care about how they look from other people more than any other countries. We can see a big culture difference between Japan and America that how fashionable Japanese people are and how sold clothes in a store are cute. However, I have pro and con that people care about fashion. It’s fun especially for girls to wear what they want but also it’s tiring to always care about it. Once I lived in the U.S, it’s hard to get back to this life style because nobody care about my fashion in the U.S. Sometimes I really want to go back to the U.S for this reason lol


Café Latte

latte artRecently, I started to work at café and sometimes I was required to make a Café Latte. Then I realized that making Café Latte is totally harder than I expected. Firstly, it’s hard to regulate a temperature of milk. It’s not good to make a latte with a low temperature but also a too high temperature. The most difficult thing is to regulate the amount of the air inside milk. Depending on this, the amount of head on latte is changed. I still need a practice, so now I’m working on it very hard.