Take a nap

take a napRecently, some companies admit that workers to sleep on their’s job. The aim of this trend is improvement of efficiency. When workers sleepiness they can sleep. Some schools already have been adopting this trend. Also there is a cafe where we can sleep in bed. Almost people don’t sleep enough time in Japan, especially labor so I think this movement is good idea.http://matome.naver.jp/m/odai/2133404485041778801


309451832_5c7b91d189Shibuya is one of the most popular tourist spot in Japan, and Shibuya station is known as one of the busiest stations in the world. As we all know, Hachiko (ハチ公) is the symbol of Shibuya, so I’m sure most of you have ever waited for your friends there. Just because Hachiko is a good landmark to wait for someone, sometimes it’s really hard to find them because of too many people. Shibuya Crossing is also famous. It is a big intersection which always crowded with a bunch of people. More than 3000 people walk through the crossing when the lights turn blue. Can you believe it? Whenever I go to Shibuya, I’m so annoyed because of many people but Shibuya is a really good place to go shopping and hang out with friends.


LINE 1Nowadays, we can see a lot of young Japanese people who chat with their friends, parents via smartphone in train. Almost all of them use “LINE” for chatting. LINE is the most popular chat application in the world. Approximately 70percents of teenagers and also 80 percent of twenties’ Japanese use it. From the research, teenagers use LINE almost one hour on weekends. Moreover, some schools uses chat application for contacting between teachers and students. Teachers send instant short message about schedule and important things. When I heard this news, I thought this is one of big issues for young generations. I know this is the easiest way to make “relationship”

With “someone”, and I can tell what I feel and do without face to face communication. However, I think young generations are going to be hard to speak in front of people or think deeply. I also turn into parts of this. Looking back over my daily life, I spend more than one hour to use iPhone for searching unknown words, watching movies, chatting with my friends, tweeting, and posting Face Book. Therefore, I think I will try to do other things such as reading books instead of using iPhone.

My Study Abroad Destination

CIMG1301University of Washington is one of famous university which is involved in Public Ivy. I studied there for one year and my major in UW was “International Studies” which we can learn about Global Health or International Relathionship between developed and developing countries  especially in Asia. Even though I chose International Studies as my Major, Primary care and Nursing in UW are the best all over the world. Also, this is famous for “Huskies”, because the main character of UW! You can see a lot of huskies around the campus. Also, the color of purple is school color. So, You can see a lot of student who wear purple clothes in the school Events.

Even though studying as a student sounds heard, I really recommend to study there. You can experience what is “real” American university students’ life is.



The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

twwohp_mainpicDo you like Harry Potter? And Have you ever thought that you want to be Wizard once when you were younger? Your dream will come true this summer!  The World of Harry Potter will build in Osaka! The Wizarding World of Harry Potter which is in the Universal Studio will open in July 15th.I  think you have seen the commercial of it many times. There are the castle of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade. You can try the sorting hat as student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and also drink butter beer.

As you know, Universal studio in Florida already has the same thing and I think some of Showa students who went Boston traveled there and experienced that theme park. Anyway, this is the good chance to become “real” wizarding world and escape from normal life as Muggle (it means “Not wizard’s people). So, I recommend you to go Universal studio in summer vacation if you like Harry Potter.




COOKPAD started a cooking class

COOKPAD is community site of recipe in Japan. People are membership registration can post recipes, and anyone can look those recipes. Enrollement is fifteen thousand. COOKPAD started ”COOKPAD cooking class” for COOKPAD user. The classes that were permitted only introduce to students. It is held in teacher’s house. Although cooking class, students don’t cook, and just watch and take notes of teacher’s work. There are various classes each level, so they can choose level that is suited for themselves. There is also class that they use kitchen wares of COOKPAD company. They can enjoy talking with other student and teacher. unnamed

Tokyo Disney Sea

disneyThere are employees who clean the park in Tokyo Disney Sea. Tokyo Disney Sea is an amusement park. It is located in Chiba. Chiba is located in the east of Tokyo. They are not only clean the park but also show visitors their performance. I recommend you to find out where they are when you go to there. They will entartain you with their performance. Please watch their video! It is fun. I like this staff.






Cafe Kaila in Omotesando

http://d20u4i5j3l9sia.cloudfront.net/140292/A1280_1024.jpg/original?1393584560     Nowadays, Hawaiian food is popular in Japan.It includes pancake, French toast, egg benedict and acai bowl as representative foods. In these years,some restaurants came from Hawaii to Japan. “Café Kaila” that is Hawaiian restaurant came to Omotesando, and this restaurant has plenty of customers now. When we walk through Omotesando, we can see a long line near this restaurant.We have to wait around four hours to enter this restaurant. Of course, there are a lot of delicious Hawaiian foods there.”Kaila original pancake” is especially popular. Kaila means owner’s name of this restaurant. She thinks that breakfast is essential to a whole day. As a result, “Café Kaila” got “the best breakfast prize”. 表参道で話題のハワイから上陸したお店で美味しいハワイアンフードが食べられる。




On the way to school

世界の果ての通学路I read an article about students in Kenyan. They walked two hours from thier house to school on foot every day. They had to walk through a savanna. They could choose a way that they didn’t go to a school because too dangerous. However they went to a school because they wanted to know many things. We think it is natural that we get an education so we can’t realize that we are living in a good environment. I think many university students in Japan are thinking it is normal to go to a school and to get an education. I want them to realize that it is not natural and I want them to change their mind and to study hard more because they are givin a chance to get an education. Also this story was made into a movie so if you interested in this one, you should watch it! The title of this movie is “On the way to school”. Please watch a video!






Yorii Hojyo Matsuri

imageI would like to introduce about a festival of my hometown. This festival is a reproduction of the battle in 1590. The battle happened in Yorii town, just north of Tokyo. The big inning of this festival is the kickoff ceremony of the battle with armor-clad warriors of five hundred strong and they march down the street.
After the parade they start the battle at Arakawa river. We can hear the report of guns and the voice of people. This battle is between Hideyoshi Toyotomi and Ujikuni Hojyo. Hideyoshi attacked Odawara with 50,000 soldiers and Ujikuni met the approaching enemy with only 3,500 soldiers. You will be surprised by impact of this festival. See a short video here. image