On the way to school

世界の果ての通学路I read an article about students in Kenyan. They walked two hours from thier house to school on foot every day. They had to walk through a savanna. They could choose a way that they didn’t go to a school because too dangerous. However they went to a school because they wanted to know many things. We think it is natural that we get an education so we can’t realize that we are living in a good environment. I think many university students in Japan are thinking it is normal to go to a school and to get an education. I want them to realize that it is not natural and I want them to change their mind and to study hard more because they are givin a chance to get an education. Also this story was made into a movie so if you interested in this one, you should watch it! The title of this movie is “On the way to school”. Please watch a video!