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Miracle flower garden in Dubai

Dubai is famous for desert. There are no mountain and hill, of course, no river and lake. If people grow flowers and green, it need to make pretty effort, but there is miracle beautiful flower garden.
There is “Dubai miracle garden” near Moter city. It is very hot, so we should go there in morning or afternoon. People said that they wanted more green in Dubai. In order to these people, “Dubai miracle garden” was opened in this February. The garden’s width is for fifteen of Tokyo Dome. There are fifty-five kinds of flowers and fifty thousand’s flowers is in bloom. To water these flowers, people use recycled water. There are many flower’s various objects in this garden. A lot of people come here from all over the world. ドバイに巨大な奇跡の花園「ミラクルガーデン」が誕生img32a553adzikczj