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LINE 1Nowadays, we can see a lot of young Japanese people who chat with their friends, parents via smartphone in train. Almost all of them use “LINE” for chatting. LINE is the most popular chat application in the world. Approximately 70percents of teenagers and also 80 percent of twenties’ Japanese use it. From the research, teenagers use LINE almost one hour on weekends. Moreover, some schools uses chat application for contacting between teachers and students. Teachers send instant short message about schedule and important things. When I heard this news, I thought this is one of big issues for young generations. I know this is the easiest way to make “relationship”

With “someone”, and I can tell what I feel and do without face to face communication. However, I think young generations are going to be hard to speak in front of people or think deeply. I also turn into parts of this. Looking back over my daily life, I spend more than one hour to use iPhone for searching unknown words, watching movies, chatting with my friends, tweeting, and posting Face Book. Therefore, I think I will try to do other things such as reading books instead of using iPhone.