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Starlit sky’s cafe

“Starlit sky’s cafe” will be
opened at Roppongi Hills Mori tower.
People are able to enjoy watching
the night sky and star. This cafe
will be opened for a limited time
from May 31th to July 7th. By using
planetarium, millions of stars will be
appeared on the Tokyo’s sky in the cafe.
In addition to the normal menu, you
can enjoy eating and drinking special
foods which look like Summer Triangle
and Saturn. Many beautiful alcohol, so
you can enjoy drinking and night view.

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Yuzuru Hanyu victory parade in his hometown

DTMANAGE_000000020140427130829944-1The victory parade of Yuzuru Hanyu who won the gold medal in the figure skating boy of the Sochi Olympic was held in Sendai on April 26, 2014. 92,000 people gathered in the place along the route, and it blessed. Sendai, which is his hometown, was damaged by 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Hanyu said ” I’m glad to see many people who gathered the parade. I didn’t think that could have got gold medal four years ago. Please don’t forget about stricken area.”

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Cronut” is made of croissant and the doughnuts sells by the suggestion of Dominique Ansel of the chef whom Dominique Ansel Bakery of United States, New York. After this pastry fries the cloth of a thin layer in grape seed oil, it is carried out with the taste with sugar, and puts stuffing into inside. This is very popular now in there.  And also Japan too!!  If you want to eat Cronut in Japan, I reccomend to go to mister Donut. We can eat that easily and not need to pay much money. This is Dominque Ansel Bakery’s webpage. Please check this out!!



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Ramen in New York

usalarmen600_467Ramen noodles are extremely popular now in the United states,New York. It is said that several more shops open in one month. The beggining of the ramen-noodles boom in New York is “Ippudo” which is the shops of  pork bone ramen noodles also famouse in Japan. There was a line of the waiting for 2 hours at the time of opening. When i went to New York, i could see that shop. It was really delisious same as Japan’s ramen.  It is known like a sushi now. It could be said that ramen noodles are observed most in New York.  If you’ll go to New York, I recommend eat Ramen noodles!!


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Cooking for mom on Mother’s Day

10291701_466105390195295_4889395363527674064_nMay 11th was Mother’s Day. My mom and I cooked together for a dinner. We made  potato soup, grilled chiken, grilled tuna and bread with avocado and cream cheese. I haven’t cooked with my mom a while, so that was very fun time for me. I don’t usually express my thankfulness to my mom because it’s a bit shame. Yet, I appriciate my mom especially when she let me study abroad. To show my gratitude, I must study and help my mom more to make her happy.



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無題Nowadays some people like to film videos in thier daily life.  There is the best video-sharing app called Vine.  It is kind of similar to Instagram. But it’s not just any video-sharing app. It’s designed in a way for you to film short, separate instances so they can be linked together for a total of six seconds. Also you can put some effects. What the best point of using Vine is that you can share the videos on social networks easily. There is a chance that you could be a famous Viner! haha


Texting While Walking

2013122605Today, “texting while walking(歩きスマホ)” is a big problem in many countries. Many people read or write text messages while they are walking. The number of these accidents has increased year by year. Last year, a man who was reading text messages fell onto train tracks. Then, he was dead because he was run over by a train. We don’t understand how much dangerous texting while walking is. In Fort Lee, New Jersey, United States, people who read or write text messages while they are walking were fined $85. I think Japan should create rules to prevent accidents. Read more at healthline.



Chinese Tourists

13-message98-02Recently, the number of Chinese tourists who visit Japan shows no signs of increasing. More than 200,000 people visited Japan from China in July 2012, before the bilateral dispute over the Senkaku Islands worsened. But after the relationship between China and Japan became bad, the monthly number plummeted below 60,000 in November and December. On the other hand, the number of Chinese tourists who visit America is increasing year by year. Tourism in America said “Chinese tourists are like walking wallet”. 110 million Chinese tourists visited America last year. On average, they spend $1,200 on shopping a person. More than half Chinese tourists say “the aim of going to America is to go shopping” so they don’t worry about a hotel and restaurant. Many expensive shops in America make a profit due to them. However, the attitude of them is a big problem. For example, some people break into the line and don’t flush a toilet. People in other country have bad image because of those Chinese tourists. They need to know common sense before going to other country.



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Miracle flower garden in Dubai

Dubai is famous for desert. There are no mountain and hill, of course, no river and lake. If people grow flowers and green, it need to make pretty effort, but there is miracle beautiful flower garden.
There is “Dubai miracle garden” near Moter city. It is very hot, so we should go there in morning or afternoon. People said that they wanted more green in Dubai. In order to these people, “Dubai miracle garden” was opened in this February. The garden’s width is for fifteen of Tokyo Dome. There are fifty-five kinds of flowers and fifty thousand’s flowers is in bloom. To water these flowers, people use recycled water. There are many flower’s various objects in this garden. A lot of people come here from all over the world. ドバイに巨大な奇跡の花園「ミラクルガーデン」が誕生img32a553adzikczj

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tanbou_main_2If I take people from other countries to somewhere in Japan, I would take them to Izakaya. I think it is really good way to show one of Japanese cultures. Japanese love Izakaya, they go to Izakaya especially on weekend. We can chatting alot with drinking and eating there, and by doing so getting know eath other would be easier if you take someone you don’t know very much . Most of Izakaya have “All you can eat and drink plan” in their menu. As far as I know almost everyone (even people from other countries) loves that kind of stuff. Lately, thare are many kinds of different  Izakaya in Japan. One of  them which I really want to go is “Ninjya-Yashiki” which is in Shinjyuku. the concept is Ninjya residence, so it might be a good place to go with your friends.