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“ Japanese Only” sign

img_0On March 8, during their J. League match against Sagan Tosu at Saitama Stadium, some Urawa Reds fans hoisted a flag “Japanese Only” over an entrance to the stands. Also, the Japanese flag was hoisted next to “Japanese Only” sign. Despite complaints from some supporters, it remained in place until the end of the game. Urawa Reds fans were known as enthusiastic fans. Urawa supporters were called “Urawa Boys Snake”. Three men of them made “Japanese Only” sign before beginning the game. They said “The area behind home side goal is a sanctuary for Urawa supporters.” After the game, J. League punishes Urawa Reds for discriminatory banner. Moreover, J. League ordered Urawa Reds to play their next game without supporters.

After this news, the Japanese media pays attention to places which hoist “Japanese Only” sign like a bar, restaurant, and hot spring. Owners of these places say “The reason we hoist this sign is some foreigners don’t follow Japanese rules like taking their shoes off in the drawing room.”

I’m afraid of hosting the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. The number of foreign tourists will increase so we need to reconsider correspondence of them. I want them to enjoy Japan!


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