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”ツ” is popular among oversea bloggers

The Blog has been the greatest communication tool to get in touch with people. Almost all bloggers are trying to make their blog popular by using some effective strategies. For example, they are always looking around the internet for their post. When it comes to blogging, people quite often use : ) or : < .  These kind of marks like people face is popular in all over the world.

Recently, people found the great use of  ”ツ” which is actually Japanese character in blogging and it has spread to the world. They use it as a smile face mark just like : ). For example, you can make (ツ). If you see it diagonally, you can recognize that it’s smile face easily. The boom of “ツ” in blogging first happened in middle east. And later people in the world started to use it. Check it out when you blog or tweet.