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“ Japanese Only” sign

img_0On March 8, during their J. League match against Sagan Tosu at Saitama Stadium, some Urawa Reds fans hoisted a flag “Japanese Only” over an entrance to the stands. Also, the Japanese flag was hoisted next to “Japanese Only” sign. Despite complaints from some supporters, it remained in place until the end of the game. Urawa Reds fans were known as enthusiastic fans. Urawa supporters were called “Urawa Boys Snake”. Three men of them made “Japanese Only” sign before beginning the game. They said “The area behind home side goal is a sanctuary for Urawa supporters.” After the game, J. League punishes Urawa Reds for discriminatory banner. Moreover, J. League ordered Urawa Reds to play their next game without supporters.

After this news, the Japanese media pays attention to places which hoist “Japanese Only” sign like a bar, restaurant, and hot spring. Owners of these places say “The reason we hoist this sign is some foreigners don’t follow Japanese rules like taking their shoes off in the drawing room.”

I’m afraid of hosting the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. The number of foreign tourists will increase so we need to reconsider correspondence of them. I want them to enjoy Japan!


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Dormitory in Oxford University

Oxford universityP003_m is the third oldest university in the world and the oldest university in the U.K.

More than 50 people from the university got a Nobel prize and it is known as the place the imperial family goes to study abroad.  It is incredibly difficult to enter the university as its student, but we can still go there and stay in its dormitory like a student.  Oxford university let us stay in the dormitory rooms as a hotel, which students don’t use. Where we can stay is the real room that students of Oxford university live, so that we can see the real life of Oxford university students.

I want to visit and stay there someday and play Oxford university student.

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”ツ” is popular among oversea bloggers

The Blog has been the greatest communication tool to get in touch with people. Almost all bloggers are trying to make their blog popular by using some effective strategies. For example, they are always looking around the internet for their post. When it comes to blogging, people quite often use : ) or : < .  These kind of marks like people face is popular in all over the world.

Recently, people found the great use of  ”ツ” which is actually Japanese character in blogging and it has spread to the world. They use it as a smile face mark just like : ). For example, you can make (ツ). If you see it diagonally, you can recognize that it’s smile face easily. The boom of “ツ” in blogging first happened in middle east. And later people in the world started to use it. Check it out when you blog or tweet.

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Flowering tea in China.

Having a cup of tea on a couch is one of the great pleasures when the weather is cold. We can enjoy a hundred of thousand of types of tea recently and we can also enjoy blending as you like.

If you want to make your tea time more enjoyable, you should try this Chinese flowering tea. It’s traditional tea in China and popular among visitors to China as a souvenir. First you put one balled flowering tea in a teapot and gently pour hot water into it. The best is pouring hot water little by little several time. A few minute later you can see a flower in a teapot.  If you want to see the process visually, check this video out.

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Kana goes to Halifax, too.

Kana did the SAF program and went to Halifax, Nova Scotia, just like Rina. She tells us about her family, her school, and the interesting things she did in Canada when she was there. Please take a look!

Kana goes to Halifax from TokyoKevin on Vimeo.

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Rina Goes to Halifax

Rina did the SAF program and went to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia means New Scotland in Latin. Halifax is in Canada, and it is like a new Scotland. She tells us about her family, her school, and the interesting things she did in Canada when she was there. Please take a look!


Rina goes to Halifax from TokyoKevin on Vimeo.

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The weather forecast predicts cherry blossoms will bloom on March 26th.


There are so many places to see cherry blossoms around Tokyo, but I think it might be a good idea to see the in the theme park, Yomiuri land.

In Yomiuri land, there are one thousand of cherry blossoms and Yomiuri land will hold cherry-blossom viewing event that is called “Sakurakuen” from on March 22nd to on April 6th.

You can see them while you are on the roller coaster or Ferris wheel or a gondola.  And you can also see them in the night because Yomiuri land will light up cherry blossoms.

I think most people go parks to see cherry blossoms, but it is more fun to see them in a theme park.

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I guess many Japanese think it is so wonderful if we can live in Venice, Italy.

59601cadb9d07b9ded9131e00dbf991fBut I found some difficulties to live in Venice.

First, all roads are too narrow to use a car or train, so we must walk.

Second, there are so many bridges with stairs and no slope or something because they can’t make slope to keep historical place.

Third, there are so many visitors every day.  The population of Venice is 60 thousand and the number of the visitors is also 60 thousand.  So it is too crowded to move around easily.


And I guess the last one is the hardest situation; acqua alta (high water).  More than 50 times in a year, water comes to the city and back to the sea many times in a day.  So you have to walk on water and you have to move your stuff up and down to avoid water if you live in Venice.

I longed to live in Venice, but it doesn’t seem easy to live there.

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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Finally, “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will open in Universal Studios Japan in summer, 2014.


In 2010, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened in Universal Studios Orlando.  The author, J.K. Rowling and the art director worked together to make The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  Because of that, the number of the guests increased by 30%.

Universal Studios Japan spent 45 billion yen to make The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  Universal Studios Japan will reproduce The Wizarding World of Harry Potter faithfully.  So I guess the number of visitors of Universal Studios Japan will increase more than 30%.

I went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Orlando and that was awesome.  So I am really looking forward to going there in this summer.

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Convenience store coffee


無題Convenience store coffee was chosen first place among the 2013 year’s  hit products 30.  The convenience store which sells these coffee is SEVEN-ELEVEN, LAWSON, Family Mart, MINI STOP and Circle K Sankus.  Regarding to consumer, convenience store coffee is very reasonable and good taste.  By each store, taste and price are varies.  If you don’t try yet, you should try !!