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The boss of Japanese dumpling company(餃子の王将) shot dead.

image-8618cTakayuki Ohigashi, the boss of famous restaurant was found unconscious in a parking in front of the company’s headquarters in Kyoto. Later he was confirmed dead at hospital.  It is very sad news because I often go to the dumpling restaurant.  The reason this restaurant is popular in Japan is very quick, cheap and delicious.  And these three points are also company’s corporate philosophy.  Gyoza-no-Osho(餃子の王将) has about 400 of brunches in Japan.  As the policy of Osho, according to the official site, arranged menu or price is different by each brunch depends on the region.  It also all depends on the each owner.  I think the secret of success is local based business.  In addition, the training is known as Sparta.  But this plan urges young people to adapt to the working world, not students.  This make great staffs and restaurant which is loved by everyone.  Anyway, R.I.P Mr. Ohigashi