Food and Drink Japan


o0800107112652949162Recently, I went to Teppanyaki restaurant called Seryna in Roppongi.  I found many of foreign tourists enjoyed eating steaks or seafood there, and I realized Teppanyaki became popular as Japanese food.  Literally, Teppanyaki is one way of cooking which grill foods on an iron called Teppan in Japanese.  Recently this kind of style is becoming popular as one kind of Japanese foods.  In 1964, Benihana first became famous in NY.  Teppanyaki usually a chief performs to grill in front of customers, and it comes from Sushi bar.  This service which the customers can see the chief’s performance and talk with he/she may be liked by foreigners than Japanese.  Japan  has now big problem about food mislabeling, but you won’t have to be careful about it.