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Nagano Ozouni
Kyoto Ozouni







Happy New Year, everyone!  Did you spend good New Year holiday?  I had delicious Ozouni, Japanese soup which we usually have for New Year holiday.  Ozouni has lots of kinds depends on the religion, so I am going to introduce them.  My Ozouni is Nagano prefecture style which is soy source base with square mochi, chicken and some green vegetables.  I really love the simple one.  On the other hand, I was fascinated by Kyoto style Ozouni.  Kyoto style Ozouni is white miso base and it tastes very elegant and delicious.  The y also use round mocha and sliced dried bonito, called Katsuobushi in Japanese.   Every prefecture has special Ozouni except Okinawa.  I would like to try each Ozouni!