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New Year’s Osechi

Japanese_Osechi_ryouriThis year has only one month and soon New Year will come.  In Japan, we have a custom eating Osechi on the first three days in January.  Osechi usually is prepared in Bento box.  Various kinds of dishes are beautifully prepared in the box.  These dishes usually can be kept for three days so women do not have to cook during the period.  The dishes generally are salted herring roe, mashed sweet potato with sweet chestnuts, black soy beans, konbu rolls and so on.  Each dish has people’s wishes.  For example, herring roe has meaning of prosperity of descendants, mashes sweet potato is represent property or to get money because of the yellow color.  In addition to the meaning, they cook the Osechi to wish good health, long life, a good harvest.  However, according to the research, 60% of Japanese buy Osechi on the market.  We can get Osechi from department, supermarket, and even from Convenience store.  This is sad result so I decide to ask my mother to teach how to Osechi this year!