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New Kabukiza (新歌舞伎座)

Kabuki-za opened in April

According to Nikkan sports, New Kabukiza opened in April and already 1 million fans visited there in 8 months.  Kabukiza is an official stage of Kabuki, one of traditional stage arts.  It was first built in 1889(Meiji Era), and repeated rebuilding.  The current Kabukiza is provided with much green and accessibility for physically disable people, and it has superior earthquake resistance.  The design takes over the ancient atmosphere using tiled roof called Kawara in Japanese, special shaped roof called ”Karahahu”.  The new Kabukiza has both tradition and creation.  In the new Kabukiza building, there are gift shops, beautiful garden, and photo shop which you can be a Kabuki star with wearing Kimono and making up.  Even if you don’t see Kabuki stage, I am sure you can enjoy real Kabuki world and feel Japanese tradition there.