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Magic Cut

magiccut20090308103403562I am sure you have experienced that you sometimes spill the liquid everywhere, or stick the contents to hands, when opening a liquid pouch.  It makes us stressful, but “Magic Cut” allows you to cut it easily and you don’t have to dirty your hands.

Now, we have many of products with magic cut, but I want to tell you Magic cut is Japanese company created.  Asahikasei Packs have a registered trademark for 40 years, but only 10 to 20 percents of products are made by Asahikasei.  About 40 companies have a patent contract, and the amount of sales total is several hundred of billion, according to Mr. Matsushita in product development department in Asahikasei Packs.

The secret of magic cut is countless tiny holes at edge of pouches.  By continuous process of trial and error, they finally got a patent.  As I mentioned, Magic cat allows you to cut every edge of pouch, and control the size of opening.  Don’t you think it is great invention?

They still continue creating another product which can be substitute for rubber band, “Magic cut tape”.  This is a tape you can cut easily with hands even though it bands tight like rubber band.