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Japanese SAKE

無題It is getting cold in Japan and time to enjoy Japanese Sake.  Absolutely Sake is very tasty, but tasty is not only fact and it is also good for beauty and health.   Sake actually has been helped Japanese women’s chapped hands or rough skin from long time ago.  Now I introduce the effect of Sake and how to use it efficiently from two aspects of beauty and health.


  1.  SAKE contains lots of acetaldehyde which expand blood vessel and adenosine which defend contraction more than other alcohol.  These elements improve the circulation of the blood and make your body comfortably warm.  And it helps to make your skin lustrous.
  2.  Because Kojic acid(麹酸) has an effect on control creating melanin pigment, it helps skin whitening.


  1. Because blood circulation becomes better, it prevents sensitivity to cold, swelling, or stiffness in body.
  2.  Sake kasu(酒粕) which is the left over from sake production helps to lower the level of sugar in the blood, so it prevents diabetes.  Also because of much dietary fiber, it is good to use for cooking.

Rumor says, Japanese actress, Norika Fujiwara soaks in a bathtub with pouring SAKE into the tub.  I found this is one of the secret of her beauty.  You will be able to realize the power of SAKE not only by drinking. (Reference)