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How to serve green tea

ocha-image240320It is the season of hot Japanese green tea.  Japanese typical winter is with green tea, Japanese orange, and kotatsu.  Then, I am going to tell you how to serve delicious hot green tea at your home.

Amount of green tea leaf(茶葉) ・・・5~6g

Temperature of hot water・・・70~80°

Amount of hot water・・・180cc (60cc× 3 people)

Soaking time・・・about a minute with a lid of a pot

First, pour hot water into each cup, not into a teapot directly.  This is because to make the hot water suitable temperature and to adjust appropriate quantity of water.

Second, put green tea leaves into a tea pot. (about 2 g per person)

Third, pour the water of the cups slowly into the tea pot, and leave it for a minute.  Don’t shake the pot at this time.

After a minute, pour the green tea into the each cup alternately and equally.  When you  pour, better to finish pouring the water to a last drop so you can enjoy the green tea next time, too.


✩The Point is, the hot water should be  boiled completely once.  And you better to use good mineral water to enjoy delicious green tea.

Depends on how you serve green tea, taste is going to completely different.  Why don’t you try the step?