It is maybe well-known that soccer World Cup will be held in 2014. Then there was a final draw on December 6th in Brazil.

Since FIFA rank of Japanese is not so high, it is quite abvious that most of the teams will be good rivals. As a result of the final draw, Japan is in the C group which is the same one with Cote d’Ivoire, Greece and Colombia. We cannot be relived inspite of the fact that there is not Europian strong teams like Spain, Germany and so forth. As we see the FIFA rank, absolutely Japan is the lowest team in this group. Even though the FIFA rank doesn’t equally means the level of those teams, it is still true that Japan is in relatively hard situation.

But I would say we are quite ok because I saw the news of a player. Keisuke Honda who is a player of the CSKA Moscow will be transferred to the AC milan which is a very popular team in Italy. After He start to play in the AC milan, I guess his condition will be highly good thanks to the great situation and environment. So Keisuke Honda who is one of most active players in Japanese National Team will surely lead us better result than the last World Cup.