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A secret message by KAGOME

img_index-04I love vegetable juice in a paper container and one reason is the secret message appears when I fold it in order to throw away.  It says “Thank you folding it”.  I feel good every time I see the message, and I found this consideration is by KAGOME.  I found an interesting article, so I introduce it.  In this article, the writer, Ms. Tanabe asked a KAGOME staff about the secret message.  It says this message started in 2008 wishing customers to fold and re-cycle the paper container.  And actually this plan leads to reduce the capacity of waste product. Ms. Takano, a KAGOME staff says, KAGOME most produces the 200 ml packs in Japan, so it also can be responsibility of KAGOME. Even this plan is not a special technology, but I love the little consideration. Not only KAGOME, but also many companies put effort to environmental problem.  But I think it is great to urge consumers to cooperate by entertaining us.