A brave young pilot

The Missouri Battleship
Picture of Mr.Ishino

I have been to The Pearl Harbor Museum in Hawaii twice, and The Missouri Battleship in the museum is very dynamic, and it teaches me a lot about the Pacific War.  I was moved by one brave 

Japanese pilot, so I would like to tell the story.  Before the battle with Okinawa, The Missouri battleship was attacked by KAMIKAZE, a special attack unit.  One of the special units flew low in order to attack the Missouri.  However, the bomb of the unit didn’t hit the ship and it didn’t give big damage except conflagration.  Surprisingly, the half body of the pilot of KAMIKAZE was left at the ship like he was holding fast to a fence.  As usually, the ship crew tried to throw the body away into the sea, however, the captain of the battleship, William M. Callaghan didn’t have them do it.  He thought the dead body was no longer an enemy, and he should have buried at sea the pilot covered with the Japanese raising-sun flag.  It was to praise the brave that the pilot devoted his life for Japan.  After long time passed, it was found that the pilot was Setsuo Ishino, 19 year-old.

I was really moved by the boy and also the captain Callaghan.  I strongly felt his firm will and sense of mission.  Missouri battleship is known as the place of signing The Japanese Instrument of Surrender.  So when you go to Hawaii, I really recommend visiting the Missouri museum.