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yaminabe6When winter is coming, I’m sure you really become want to have hot-pot with your friends or family.  By the way, have you ever done YAMINABE before? I have, actually.  YAMINABE is not a usual hot-pot.  It is scary and strange hot-pot which you will bring  whatever food even something do not match with hot-pot, and gather together each.  It has rule in order to enjoy YAMINABE, so I explain it.

First, before gathering each item, you need to turn the light off so you don’t know what each brings.

Second, put the items into a pot, and wait until boiled.

Third, after boiled, everyone serve into each bowls from a pot in order.  At that time, you need to serve all you get with chopsticks.

Finally, with light down, eat them all.

Sometimes, people bring chocolates.  I never recommend chocolates to YAMINABE, you may be able to image how it is.

Your mother says you cannot play with food, but I would like you to try YAMINABE once.