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Why do Japanese talents go to Hawaii in New Year’s Holiday?

20110324124938ab9Japan has winter tradition which reporter is waiting for Japanese talents arriving to Honolulu airport.  Every year,  lots of Japanese talents spend their holidays in Hawaii, and the audience on TV is looking forward to the interview.  Then, why do Japanese talents love to go to Hawaii in this holiday?

According to Kozo Inoue, a Japanese famous reporter, he mentioned 3 points.

First is the warm and comfortable weather in Hawaii.  Include me, they will be eager to escape from the cold weather in Japan.  Second, there are many restaurants or other shops which are available for Japanese language.  The biggest reason is they are always treated like VIP by Hawaiian people.  Because Hawaiians really know Japanese talents, they prepare great table at a restaurant for a talent, or provide great service.  It is the different from other place like NY or LA.  Anyway, it is interesting that interviewing talents at Honolulu airport is one of Japanese winter event.