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Whether Japanese curry rice is Japanese food or not

308Last year, Japanese cuisine was registered by UNESCO as an intangible national heritage.  Then, I wonder simple and easy menus like curry rice, yakisoba or ramen which we often eat at home or Japanese casual restaurants can be called as Japanese food or not.  I think, curry rice should be regarded as Japanese food, because the spicy, but little bit sweet curry is ordinary home-made dish, and it is not served in any countries.  However, according to the research by Tsujicho Group, people who think curry rice is Japanese dish are surprisingly only 23%.

So what is the definition of Japanese cuisine?  According to the Ministry of Agriculture, The definition is being traditional food culture, using various and fresh ingredients, being well-balanced and healthy food habit, and being related to Japanese cultural events.  If following the definition, curry rice or yakisoba which were born in new generation cannot be Japanese food.  After knowing this fact, I little bit felt sadness.  Now, ramen, curry rice or yakisoba are loved by Japanese and foreigners as Japanese food.  It is kind of ridiculous to think this problem important, but I hope these Japanese foods to be really Japanese traditional food in the future.