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In addition to SUSHI, TENPURA, SUKIYAKI…TAKUAN seems to be a world common word.  TAKUAN is pickled radish, and it is one of TSUKEMONO.  TSUKEMONO is about pickled products so pickles can be TSUKEMONO.  In overseas, Japanese TSUKEMONO is very famous and popular. To be honest, I had never thought Japanese TSUKEMONO will be liked by foreigners.  Surprisingly, canned TAKUAN by Michimoto food(道本食品) is sold at Miyazakior Haneda airports, and especially foreigners buy TAKUAN as a gift.  The company produced canned Takuan which can be preserved for 3 years at a normal temperature.  According to ASAHI online, this canned TAKUAN will be exported to Hong Kong or Taiwan.