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Soy Sauce Container

a-syouyubottle_01Soy source is the most important seasoning for Japanese.  Recently, it is the main idea that soy source should be fresh, and soy sauce must have high quality flavor.  Then, containers that are able to make soy source flavor keep long are long seller in Japan.  Sonomama Syoyu Bottle(soy source container) has been sold 2100 in a day, and stocks has been low for a while.  If you refill the soy sauce from a store into the product, Sonomama Syoyu Bottle, the float lid will cover the refilled soy source.  It prevents soy sauce from contacting with air and being oxidized, then it keeps freshness and original flavor.

I think this idea is really great, and it product will be at a table of each Japanese home. Moreover, I love the Japanese special feature which they tend to pursuit better to be convenient and happy