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Okinawa Style Noodle

Okinawa Soba
Soki Soba
Miyako Soba







In this cold weather, I really want to escape to the warm place, Okinawa and have Okinawa style noodle called Okinawa soba i  n Japanese.  Depends on the toppings, the name of each noodle is different.  Can you explain the difference…?  I guess most people are not clear about the definition, so I introduce some. 

First, the most famous is Okinawa soba.  Although the soup is different from restaurants, it is usually bonito base.  The noodle with ribs of pork is called Okinawa soba.


Second, there is Soki soba using pork spare ribs with cartilage still attached.


Third, In Miyako Island in Okinawa, there is Miyako Soba.  As the special feature of Miyako Soba, pork is under the noodle.  It is said that old people in Miyao were hiding pork not to be found out they were small extravagant.  Different from Okinawa soba or Soki Soba, Miyako Soba looks very simple.  To enjoy delicious Miyako Soba, I recommend Maruyoshi Syokudo.  Garlic taste make the soup really good.  

Why don’t you try them?