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TofukujiRyoginanTouteiKaresansui is a style of Japanese garden which depicts landscapes like a river or the ocean using only stones and sand.  This style expresses nature by eliminating unnecessary parts as much as possible.  Karesansui style was started by Zen temple during the Muromachi period.  In this modern world, it is common for us that the flowers or moon is beautiful.  However, Karesansui teach us pleasant feeling to picture the beauty and healing of nature.






Not only by stones or sand, Japanese creates beautiful dish using idea of Karesansui.  What do you see in this picture?  I see a boat made by bamboo leaf, and a stream on the plate.  Don’t you think it is beautiful?

To see a full-scale of Karesansui, I recommend visiting Ryoanji in Kyoto.  I am able to stay there for many hours when I visit.  Moreover, you can make your original miniature Karesansui, so let’s get this and feel Japan at home.