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Herbal tea makes you healthy

blog2-3 herbalRecently, the weather is terrible, isn’t it? It’s so cold and dry outside. I’m going to write about herbal tea because herbal tea makes you healthy. Herbal tea is made from the infusion or decoction of herbs, spices, or other plant material in hot water. There are a lot of herbal tea flavors so you should choose a right one by your condition. Now I’m going to introduce two herbal tea flavors. 1. Rosehip tea – Rosehip tea has a lot of vitamin C because the fruit of rose plant is the best plant sources of vitamin C. Vitamin C are good for your skin trouble. If you feel dry on your skin, you should try Rosehip tea. 2. Ginger tea – Ginger is good for stomach problems and makes you feel warm. Ginger tea is the best drink during winter. If you like sweet taste, you can put honey on your ginger tea. Ginger and honey is the best combination. If you want to know more herbal tea flavors, you should check out this site. This site introduces more herbal tea flavors. Check it out!