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fujitAfter Mt. Fuji became national heritage, unique T-shirts or other goods with Mt. Fuji motif are well-known gradually.  The trick of the T-shirt is, if you turn over the hem, Mt. Fuji will appear.  Don’t you think it is very cute idea?  These goods are produced by “goodbymarket” from Shizuoka.  The owner was also from Shizuoka, and he has been liked Mt. Fuji since his childhood.  Before climbing the mountain, he unconsciously picked the T-shirt’s hem and turn out on a mirror at home.  And he found it shaped like a mountain.  He drew colorful Mt. Fuji on the rear side of the shirt, and took picture of him turning the shirt out on the top of Mt. Fuji.  People were surprised and it made communication with them, he says.  Because he was wising to build a design company which connects people for a long time, he started producing the T-shirts soon.  This creative designed T-shirts are becoming popular by word of mouth.