Happy Friday :D

I went to the American restaurant “T.G.I.FRiDAY’S” in Shibuya with one of my friend today.


It was my first time to go there however I’m sure this resutaurant is more awesome than I had expected!! First of all, the atmosphere was really like American!

I ordered a sandwich with BBQ sauce which won the first prize at the competition hold in the state of Tennessee. Absolutely it was yummy.


It reminded me Boston because we had this kind of food most of the days in cafeteria. Actually I was sometimes tired of eating American food when I was there. But this dish helped me to remember how wonderful the American food is.

Yes, I love Japanese food. Yes, I had missed Japanese food when I was in Boston. However I strongly say the American food is quite ok and if I eat it not often, it is awesome!! Try T.G.I.FRiDAY’S at least once!!


Items which make rice more tasty

oboroduki_4One is Konbu, tangle in Englsih.  Before cooking rice, put Konbu into a rice cooker so mineral of Konbu make the rice tasety.

Second is juice of grated Daikon(raddish).  Adding two spoons of the juice into two go.  It makes the rice tasty and soft and sticky texture.

In summer season, poring 2~ 3 drops of vinegar into rice cooker after washing prevents rice from going bad.

These are small trivia, so why don’t you try them?