Gelato Pique Cafe


Gelato Pique is the shop sells room wear with very soft touch cloth. This time this store opened cafe in Shibuya last November.


The crepe is the most poplar menu item. I ordered cacao crepe with pistachio ice cream. It was great and I got full even I thought that crepe is relatively thin. I recommend this cafe not only because of the taste but also because of the price. In spite of the fact that crepe is very very delicious, it was not expensive.

This cafe is close from our college. In addition, as I wrote above, you can enjoy tasty and inexpensive crepe there. Why don’t you go there!

Six million yen for chocolate!?

bsd1401291241005-p1Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Will you make chocolate, or buy? If you buy chocolate, how much do you spend? We can buy the most expensive chocolate at Hanshin department store in Osaka. It costs six million yen (¥6,000,000)!!!! Why this chocolate is so expensive? It set 4 jewels in a chocolate, including 5.76 karat blue sapphire. This chocolate made only one in the world. After you buy this chocolate, you can process these jewels for accessories. Have a good Valentine’s Day!!!!


2013-08-08-095709Can you image what the ramen burger is like without seeing the picture?  This burger is now long seller in NY.  This kind of burger was first sold by Lotteria as”Menya Musashi Ramen Bueger(麺屋武蔵ラーメンバーガー)”, but it is not still famous.

In the last August, this Ramen burger was sold at Food Festival in Brooklyn, and about 500 of customers were in line in the rain.

This burger was by KEIZO SHIMAMOTO who learned making Ramen in Japan, and he is Japanese American.  The ramen burger was soy source taste, and noodles are baked hard instead of bans.  Inside is sweet-chili source, meat pate, and some vegetables.  I couldn’t still image the food texture, but I like his idea because Americans love both Ramen and hamburgers.


200801_4_setsubun_ph01Setsubun is the Japanese custom that we wish our good health by scattering soy beans to drive evil things away at the point of spring coming.  Now it is February 3rd.  Depends on a family, a father plays a demon and other member of family throw the soy beans toward the demon.  I think this is very fun event for kids.  I still remember that when I encountered many of demons at my nursery school, I cried a lot.  The demon was actually a teacher…  In addition to scattering soy beans, we eat soy beans which amount of our ages.  If you are 21 years old, you will 21 of soy beans to wish to live a health life next year.