Food and Drink Japan

Pad Thai


Pad Thai is like a pan-fried noodles made by rice flour.

It looks like a picture above. Usually there are shrimp in it. That is actually one of the reasons I lke Pad Thai. When I was a freshman, I’d never tried it or even any Thai food. But when I went to Boston, last year, there were many great Thai restaurants there. Then I started to like Pad Thai.  Pad Thai in Boston was quite sweet which is good for me, but in Japan, we can have both sweet one and hot one.

I had this Pad Thai at a Thai restaurant in Sangenjyaya which is a part-time job place of my friend. Pad Thai here was so-so sweet and so-so hot one so that I enjoyed the harmony of both tastes. I highly recommend Pad Thai. I’ve never heard someone who dislike Pad Thai. So if anyone has never tried this, you should absolutely try it!!