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Coming of Age

22seijinsiki-photo5January 15 is Coming of Age holiday in Japan.  It is called Seijinno hi in Japanese, every men and women turning to 20 years old will be celebrated its turning day at a Coming of Age Ceremony.  Women will be wearing beautiful Furisode, long sleeved Kimono, and man will be wear new suits.  In Japan, smoking, drinking and right to vote will be permitted in 20 year-old, so each needs to have self-awareness as an adult.

By the way, do you know why women at a Coming of Age ceremony wear long sleeved Kimono?  Furisode is actually worn only by unmarried women.  Not only at Coming of Age ceremony, they are able to wear Furisode at a flowery occasion like a party.  I also really love Furisode which is with white fir and beautiful hair arrangement.   If I could be back to the past, I want to take part in a Coming of Ceremony.