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Zenkoji Temple


I had stayed in Nagano prefecture for a week and enjoyed sightseeing with my family.  Nagano is my father’s hometown, but I did not have much experienced going sightseeing.

20000876_3252_1At this time, I visited Zenko-ji temple at the first time.

Zenko-ji was founded in 642 and the main Buddhist Image, 善光寺阿弥陀三尊(Zenkoji Amida Sanzon) was introduced into Japan from India.  This image has been believed to lead people to the Buddhist pure land no matter what the religion, status or gender.  Zenkoji temple is famous as it does not belong to any religion and gives every people a rest.

Shichimi(a common Japanese spicy seasoning) from YAWATAYA ISOGORO is also famous.  Maybe you have seen the bottle in your daily life.  This is going to be a great gift for your friends.

Not only the temple, you can enjoy many gift shops and great restaurants.  You must visit Zenkoji and get the power of live strongly once in a life time.