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X’mas boots

c_bootsAt Japanese stores in X’mas season, assortment of snacks or candies in a boot of Santa Clause is sold.  And most of parents are planning to buy their children the cute present every year.   Before I read an article, I had been misunderstanding its product was from foreign.  According to yahoo! article,  This product were made in Japan differently from X’mas trees or any X’mas goods.  Saori Noda who produced this boot, she thought up this product from ornaments of boot or sox.  In Shiga prefecture which has Kinsyou Bussan she is working, “X’mas boots gallery” is held since last year.  This event is selling sectional boots and the buyer freely designs them.  These designed boots will be displayed at a hotel, bank etc.   This idea is special to Japan which used to be particular about wrapping.  I hope everyone to know this product is from Japan!!