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The people obsessed with plastic dolls.

First, what do you think about them? They are actually not dolls. These real life dolls currently became famous in the world. The 20-year-old girl from Ukraine, Valeria Lukyanova obviously turned herself into a living Barbie doll. She got only “one” job (breast implants) done to get a perfect Barbie body (Although majority of people say of course she got more than one surgery… ). Real life Ken, Justin Jedlica  also got many surgeries. He spent around 100,000 dollars on 90 surgeries.
According to the interview, Lukyanova  is happy to have this appearance even she had an operation . She said “A doll is an image of an ideal women.” They made a lot of controversial idea about getting cosmetic surgery. Some say they are beautiful, others say they are just creepy. Here’s a video of her interview.