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Snow man

江戸名所道戯尽 廿二 御蔵前の雪
Snowman in America

One day, I found an interesting picture that was drawn by Japanese in Edo era.  This is obviously snow man, but it is little different from what I imaged.

As you see the picture, while the present day of snow man is shaped by 2 or 3 snow balls, the snow man in Edo era is shaped as real Daruma doll which is Japanese traditional doll without legs and arms.

I am going to introduce what really snow man in Japan is, and how different from European and American snow man is.

First of all, snow man in Japan was originally made by adults to surprise children who came to wake up in the morning.  And same as real Daruma dall, they put eyes and mustache with charcoal.  It seems high quality work, but putting parts of face is same as another countries culture.  But the different is, while we originally make only head and the body parts, they build legs and arms in Europe and America.  This is because they make by imitating literally snow “man”.

This is interesting that we can see the cultural different by taking one example of snow man culture.