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Okinawa Eisa

Eisa is traditional dance in Okinawa.  Before I explain, I would like you to watch this video.


This is “Mirukumunari”(ミルクムナリ), the representative song of Eisa.  When I listen to this, it always reminds me of Okinawa and makes me relaxed somehow.  Eisa is kind of traditional dance with unique sounds of various drums.  It originally was danced in Obon season (lantern festival) and people parade with dancing to welcome spirits of ancestors.  As you can see in the video, Eisa is very hard dance.  They have heavy drums and twist the body, jump and squat down. The lively motion and unity of the bunch of people are the most attractive points of watching Eisa.  I feel even their bravely.

Speaking of the song, “Mirukumunari”, the meaning of this song is to celebrate a goof harvest.  Miruku means Buddhist priest, and Munari means dance in Indonesian.  This is by Hidekatsu, the famous writer in Okinawa.  This is an interview of Hidekatsu in Japanese, please check this out!