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g1KDc4FbICgzKSCBYCBJTUdfMDAwMnAdFirst of all, I would like you to watch this video.  This is magnificently beautiful.  Always I watch this, I become to almost cry and I think I want to be her.  It is natural because she, actually he is Tamasaburo Bando, a professional actor of Japanese traditional dance called NIHON BUYOU in Japanese.  I have learned Japanese dance since 3 year-old.  So this time, I would love to introduce this traditional culture.  Nihon buyou is since Edo era.  Basically it is with holding various props such as Japanese hand towels called Tenugui, fans called Sensu.  As you can see, she in the video is holding the flower called Fuji, wisteria in English.  This song is Fujimusume, one of the most famous music of Japanese dance.  The schools called “Ryuha(流派)” are over 200 in Japan such as Nishikawa, Fujima, Hanayagi etc.

As you only see the dance, you feel this is easy.  However, actually Japanese dance is very hard because they are bending their knees all the time while dancing to make them-selves look beautiful and ladylike.  And sometimes Japanese dance is speedy depends on the music, so performers are actually with sweat and getting out of breath.  Additionally, at an actual performance on a stage, they wear 2 or 3 Kimono and a wig (Katsura) with ornaments, sot he total weight is over 10 kg to 25 kg.  But they need to make the audience feel the performance is lightly.  I am sure if you try this dance once, you can be modesty woman.